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Patriots - Press Conferences

Tom Brady PostGame Transcript vs Jets

Tom, for most of the game, you guys were in a hurry up offense. After they went to 20-16 it seemed like you guys decided, “okay let's go back in the huddle, let’s slow the game down,” that seemed to turn the tide a little bit. Can you talk about the decision to slow the game down, to get away from the hurry-up?

Yeah, we had a couple different modes trying to attack them and they did a good job. They’ve got a good defense. They rush well, got really good guys in coverage. They’ve got a good scheme, they’re well coached. So, there were a lot of challenges and I think it took us a while. I thought we played better as the game went on, so it was good. We got a good turnout from our defense to start and then, you know, it wasn't great execution from us for most of the game and then there in the 4th quarter we did a few different things I thought made some more plays. So it's good to win.

Tom, could you break down the 3rd and 17 completion in the 4th quarter, that crossing pattern, what did you see and how did you complete that pass?

Yeah, Julian did a good job. He was running full speed at the safety and he finally got the safety to turn his hips to run and then I was kind of reading Jules, and then Jules broke across his body and let it go. It was a good play. You know, Jules made a real smart play. It’s not exactly how we drew it up. I think there were a lot of plays like that today weren’t exactly how we drew it up but I was glad to make some of those key plays when we needed to make them.

Tom, in that sense, more drops today than usual. Obviously you're aware of that. How do you react to that and how clutch was Amendola in coming through?

Yeah, we made the plays when we needed to make them. I think that was the most important thing and sometimes we play this team and a lot of division teams that would play a lot more familiar with, you know, they had a lot of confidence with the things they were doing, as they should because they’ve been, I think, the top ranked defense all year giving up 15 points a game. So they're just tough. They put a lot of pressure on you with the scheme and our guys competed really hard. I wish we would have all executed better. There were a lot of throws I wish I would have made better throws on. All the receivers, you know, they want to make every play too. So just got to do a better job with execution and I have a lot of trust in all those guys, a lot of confidence in everything that they're doing so we’ve just got to try to do it better against Miami.

Tom, I believe you guys only called 5 traditional hand-offs today. Was that just the function of the game plan or the way that things were going? You guys were kind of short-handed facing the number one defense. You still put up 30 points, I mean, is this a good sign, maybe, going forward about depth and things of that nature?

Yeah, there we definitely did some different things today. I think we adjusted a little differently. We were just talking about things all through the week about ways that we needed to attack them to attack them and, you’re right, we were down a couple running backs so it just turned out that way with the run game. I wish we would have run it better when we had the opportunity. It was just more of a passing game for one reason or another.

You actually led the team in rushing. It's the first time in your career that you've led the team in rushing. I know you take a lot of pride in your 4.4 speed, what is your reaction to that and then the 3rd and 10 rush to the 11 yard, what you saw. on that?

I say enjoy this, because it will probably never happen again and then the third down play was, they had pretty good coverage and I just saw a little seam. So I just kind of, rumbled toward the goal line. It’s good when I have the threat of the ball in my hand because they’re not quite sure if they can go drill me or not. I just try to keep pump-faking as long as I can to keep them all at bay. So, it was a good play.

Tom, does a game like this basically tell you that the Patriots have too many weapons for other teams to stop? If it’s not Gronk or Edelman one week, it’s Amendola stepping up like he did today and without much of a rushing attack, 30 points?

I just think there’s got to be different ways to win every week and I think that our team has always tried to figure out ways to attack the teams and, you’re right, we were down some players and every week, you’ve got to adjust. Sometimes you’re down on offense, sometimes you’re down on defense and that’s the beauty of the season. It's a long season. You have, you know, 53 guys at one point that all need to make plays when they're called upon. So, you know, a lot of guys stepped into some roles today and, like I said, we were installing plays this morning at the 11 o'clock meeting. So you just keep trying to churn your way through the week to figure out if you can make a bunch of plays and we make some plays when we need to in the 4th quarter. Like I said, it wasn’t exactly how we drew them up, but it was good you know that we made it happen when we needed to.

Tom, you completed, I think it was a 19-yard or 20-yard pass to Brandon LaFell, and then the camera shot over to you and you were pretty fired up, I think it was with Quinton Coples. Can you share what you were fired up over? Was it completing a play, or something that happened with Coples?

It was just, I think, the emotion of the game. You know, it’s a great rivalry we have with that team, those players, we see them a lot and I was pretty emotional, like I am most of the time. So, it was not a big deal.


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